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Haesley Nine Bridges
“The Best Private Members Club in the World”

Haesley Nine Bridges has rightly become known as
‘The World’s Private Members Club’ thanks to its high class membership community,
social club and golf play.

Haesley Nine Bridges is run by members organizing a members’ committee and
events, and first selected among national clubs as one of the world’s 100 platinum
clubs in line with Augusta National GC in the US and St. Andrew GC.

CJ group’s ‘ONLYONE’ management principle pursues the highest quality and most
distinctive service/ product. That’s why we have implemented the world’s first entire
hole tee ground and subair and hydronics on the green to ensure the highest quality
all year round. The club house - Korea’s first to be built with a natural timber structure
- has been recognized for its artistic architecture and was honorably nominated
three times as an example of the World’s Best Architecture. Haesley Nine Bridges will
move forward as one of the world’s most prestigious clubs with the best facility and

  • Address76, Myeongpum 1-ro, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Main contact number+82 - 031 - 887 - 9900
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