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New Dream, We Duild


Corporate Identity

CJ delivers the value of health,
happy and convenience to clients
with a new and friendly corporate approach.

cj CI red:health, yellow:funny, blue:comfortable
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  • 01. Liberal and comfortable CJ A sophisticating company that makes clients feel comfortable with the CJ corporate image
  • 02. CJ corporate colors embodying corporate vision The three colors represent health, happy and convenience, through which clients feel more rich in their life culture.
  • 03. Blossoming CJ CJ in blossom represents a flower blossoming in the international consumer market.

Brand Identity

One of the Top 100 courses in the world,
the world’s top-100 golf course brand
The Club at NINE BRIDGES represents the nine soft and curved bridges in noble green color. Eight bridges integrated with the beauty of Jeju island, and the other one is a bridge of the heart that connects with clients.
The Club at NINE BRIDGES has five philosophical business concepts such as Prestigious, Memorable, Comfortable, Diverse & Unique, and operates in prestigious private membership which offers a wide range of golf plays in partnership with overseas private clubs. MORE
The Club at NINE BRIDGES BI Download
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